Cranberry Kombucha Shrub

For thousands of years, various cultures have incorporated alcoholic beverages into their wellness routines. Whether used for their singular medicinal values, or as a way to prep the body pre-meal and then soothe the gut post-feast, there are a number of ways boozy libations can be a benefit to your health. Take shrubs for example! While you certainly can enjoy a zero-proof shrub, traditionally these vinegar-based beverages were consumed with a touch of spirit right before a meal to stimulate stomach acid production and enzyme secretion. I’ve taken the classic shrub a step further, by adding some tart cranberry juice (also great for digestive function) and probiotic-rich kombucha for a festively flavored cocktail that pairs perfectly with the digestive Olympics so many of us put our bodies through at this indulgent time of year.

With that said, moderation is key. If you’ve decided that alcohol can be safely included in your lifestyle, keep it to a minimum. No body can withstand the toxic dump that causes us to feel drunk. In fact, that “wasted” feeling is a sign that your body has had WAY more than it can handle in one day and your poor liver is crying for help! Don’t do this. This is not good for you in any way.

Have fun, be smart, and if you are going to drink, do it wisely with gentle amounts of healthful cocktails such as this Cranberry Kombucha Shrub.

Cranberry Kombucha Shrub

*Makes one "double" cocktail


  • 2 oz rosemary infused gin (throw a few sprigs of rosemary in your gin bottle and let it sit overnight)
  • 1 tbsp pure maple syrup
  • 1 oz raw apple cider vinegar
  • 2 oz pure cranberry juice4 oz (or more) Cultured Kombucha citrus ginger kombucha (or something similar of course)
  • Ice
  • Optional garnishes of rosemary + satsuma slices


  1. Fill a tall rocks glass with ice
  2. Add the gin, maple syrup, and apple cider vinegar, and give it a good stir
  3. Add the cranberry juice and top with the kombucha
  4. Give it another stir and decorate with your garnish of choice