My goal is to help you feel whole again by discovering happiness form the inside out.


Personalized Nutritional Consulting

My custom designed programs are created with your best interest in mind, and are designed to fit your goals and unique needs. Through a personalized and guided step-by-step plan based on holistic principles and foundational healing, we will get a true grasp on your wellness goals and work towards long-term success. In addition to clinical sessions, programs may include personalized meal plans and guidance, food sensitivity testing, and supplement suggestions.


Grocery Store Tours & Pantry Clean-Outs

A great compliment to your personalized nutritional plan, these are two of my most popular and informative teaching tools. We will go through your staples, read labels together, compare different products, and discover healthier alternatives. I will teach you what questions you can ask your food providers, and show you what’s in season. I can help you throw away the bad, and provide suggestions for restocking your kitchen with the good!


Healthy Cooking Classes

Let me show you how easy and fun cooking can be! Whether you’re looking for new recipes and skills, or simply want to focus on the basics, cooking classes are great for anyone needing some inspiration in the kitchen. This can be the perfect compliment to one of my personalized meal plans, grocery store and pantry sessions, or just a fun thing to do with family and friends.


Personal Cooking

If your busy schedule is hindering you from making wholesome meals at home, I offer the additional service of providing thoughtful meals and snacks that you can enjoy throughout the week, as well as the option of purchasing healthy groceries for you to stock your kitchen with. This is the perfect service to compliment the cooking classes, grocery store tours, and pantry clean-ups, giving you all the tools you need, but with the added bonus of a helping hand.


Workshops & Lectures

My nutritional workshops provide an interactive approach to increasing wellness awareness and know-how in your community, school or workplace. For example, this is a great way to give your employees tools to eat and feel better, which will ultimately lead to more productivity and fewer sick days. No matter what wellness tools you’re looking to gain, my workshops are an informative and fun way for people to make healthier choices, and ultimately sustain beneficial lifestyle changes.


Writing & Corporate Consulting

With a successful background as a food writer and broadcast journalist, I have strong skills in storytelling and information sharing. If you’re looking for a blog contributor, a nutritional columnist, or a TV or radio show guest, you can be confident in my journalistic experience, literary aptitude, and ease in front of the camera and on-air. This is a great option for restaurants, grocery stores, and other food-based businesses seeking additional expertise in the area of wellness and nutrition.