About Ellie

My name is Ellie and I'm so excited to help guide you on your path to wellness!

Like many others out there (perhaps yourself included), I have had a long history of struggling with my personal health. As a child I had frequent sinus infections and strep throat, and was on a regular rotation of antibiotics. Looking back, I am certain the underlying cause was unrecognized food sensitivities, but conventional medicine dictated a swift prescription of antibiotics. These drugs further degraded my digestive tract, causing a weakened immune system and a breeding ground for infections. Sadly, this continued into my early 20’s when one specialist recommended I remove my tonsils to quash those pesky lymph nodes once and for all. My recurrent tonsillitis went away but I was still left with monthly sinus infections, and a very unhappy gut, which is something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. Bloating, cramps, sharp pains…you name it, I had it. I also struggled with fluctuating weight, skin irritations, and general fatigue. A stressful career as a journalist didn’t help either. I was constantly on the road, and demanding deadlines meant I didn’t always get to eat full meals in a calm environment.

"It wasn’t until I started taking a serious look at the foods I was eating and how I was eating them when my long list of symptoms started to improve."

The sun shown brighter, things tasted better, I had more vitality and stamina! My weight normalized, my muscle tone improved, and my skin started glowing. Inspired by these changes, I realized it was time to reconsider my lifestyle for long-term success. I quit my job in journalism, enrolled in a nutrition program, and found my true calling as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Truth be told, I have always known that my path would lead me to something food-based. I grew up in a household of talented and knowledgeable home-cooks, including a doctor father who began healing his body with nourishing food and nutritional education many years before I went down the rabbit hole. I have always loved cooking, and even more so eating, and my primary focus in journalism was gastronomy. I even completed a cooking program in Paris following journalism school. However, as I began to realize the importance of thoughtful nourishment and holistic health in general, I knew that I had to learn more, and then help others discover their wellness potential.


"My ultimate goal is to make you feel whole again, and to help you achieve happiness form the inside out."

How Can I Help You?

I am extremely passionate about what I do and feel so blessed every day to be able to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with the world.

I am inspired by different cultures and traditional diets and know that there are many ways to nourish and heal the body, mind and soul - we all need different things to thrive based on our bio-individuality! There is no one-diet-fits-all when it comes to achieving wellness goals, but I can find the right fit for you. Our bodies are telling us what we need…sometimes you just have to learn how to listen.

That’s where I come in! Whether you’re looking for one-on-one consultations, meal-plans, healthy cooking classes, grocery store tours, pantry clean-outs, a personal chef, a speaker at a workshop, or are simply seeking recipe inspiration and general advice, I’m here to help you find your whole happy!

What's a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner?

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) follows a holistic approach to health and wellness. We look at the whole, not just isolated parts to determine underlying causes of more recognisable symptoms. Because of this, we are able to get to the root of the issue for long-term sustainable wellness success.

We believe in a nutrient-dense whole food diet, and respect and appreciate the vast knowledge of traditional diets from around the world. NTP’s make special consideration for bio-individuality, cultural heritage, and family history, and understand that there is no one-diet-fits-all when it comes to achieving wellness goals. NTPs are specifically trained to assess the body for dysfunction so that they can get a better sense of what their individual clients truly need to heal. Similarly, NTPs are educated in effective supplementation protocols for dietary assistance on the path to health.

"An NTP understands that that it’s not just what we eat but how we eat it and our surrounding environment and psychology that affect our health and wellbeing."

My Recipes

All the recipes I share with you are nutrient dense, and packed with yummy flavour as well as healthful ingredients. I stay far away from refined and processed foods, meaning you won’t find a single recipe with refined sugar or hydrogenated oil, amongst many other harmful and icky things. I personally don’t eat a ton of grains and dairy, so you’ll see many dishes that are paleo-inspired. I also like to experiment with other dietary preferences and needs including vegan, vegetarian, and celiac-friendly dishes. That being said “experiment” is an important word in my kitchen lexicon. While all the recipes are tested and tasted, I don’t always measure things to a ‘T’. And nor should you! Get messy, let go, try new things and find fun new ways of making healthy eating easy and accessible. Most importantly all of my recipes are seriously simple, because I truly don’t believe eating well should be complicated. And it’s not! Whole, seasonal, fresh foods, grown in sustainable practices, the way nature intended it. That’s my cooking mantra, and I’d love to make it yours too!

"I believe that food should taste as good as it makes you feel."

Schooling and Credentials

  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification, Nutritional Therapy Association.
  • French Cooking certification
    (Le Grand Diplôme de Princesse Marie de Broglie), La Cuisine de Marie Blanche.
  • Broadcast Journalism Diploma, British Columbia Institute of Technology.
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies &
    Communication Studies, McGill University